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The Best Stylish Men’s Christmas Jumpers

by VanityForbes

I don’t celebrate Christmas. I  hate any fashion that is centred around the festive holiday. One of those events is Christmas jumper day at the office. I dread receiving the email in my work inbox while others shuffle in excitement as the murmurs rise in the office about what monstrosity they are going to wear.


Last year I went to Next and purchased a light-up jumper. Everyone commented on how amazing my jumper was but little did they know I hated the damn thing and was waiting until the end of the day where I would head back to Next and return it for a full refund.


This year I refuse to be coerced in making bad jumper choices. Say goodbye to ugly Christmas jumpers, and hello to stylish winter knits. Gone are the days where you waste money on a jumper for one day.


Here are the best stylish men’s Christmas jumpers you can buy on the high street.



Geometric shapes give off a festive aesthetic without the distinct festive motifs such as the reindeers and snowflake shapes.




Celebrate the holiday season with an array of colour and patterns.

mens Christmas jumpers



Plaid is a great stylish Christmas jumper option. While the colour and pattern are synonymous to the festive season, the style often gets overlooked on Christmas jumper day.


mens Christmas jumpers



Give your jumper a contemporary feel with a nordic style pattern.

mens Christmas jumpers



Winter fashion is a celebration of texture and fabric. Houndstooth is a popular winter fabric that can also double as a festive jumper.



What are some of your men’s Christmas jumpers?

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