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The 5 Best Men’s Scarf Trends for Winter 2024

by VanityForbes
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A scarf doesn’t have to a be an understated winter accessory, for winter 2021 inject new energy into your scarf collection and make it an extension of your winter look:

From puffer styles to check, winter 2021 promises to revive the boring scarf into a stylish seasonal accessory.

Here are the men’s best scarf trends for Winter 2021


The puffer jacket is one of the warmest winter coats you can wear. It’s only logical that the scarf was giving the quilted treatment. Now your neck can benefit from the unrivalled warmth.


Elevate your outerwear with the iconic check pattern scarf — style over a plain colours coat for a contrasting winter look.


Winter is all about wearing the chunkiest knitwear possible. Wrap up with a longer length chunky knit for maximum comfort.

Mens Scarf Trends


Sometimes you want to keep your neck warm without the hassle of having to style a scarf. That’s where the snood comes in. Simple in design pop it over your head, and you are good to go.

Mens Scarf Trends


Nothing says winter quite like a seasonal knit style. Add a touch of festivity with the iconic Fair-Isle pattern

What are some of your favourite men’s scarf trends this season?

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