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The Chunky Lace-Up Trainer – Trending Now

by VanityForbes

Every season there is a luxury sneaker that gets ripped off and makes its way to the high street in the most unapologetic way.


This season it’s the Alexander McQueen leather oversized runway sneaker. All you have to do is take a look at the footwear of people in the city, and you will see hundreds of people wearing this popular trainer style.


Here are the best high street chunky lace-up trainers you can buy.


Doro lace up trainers in white – £28


Men’s chunky trainers – £29.99


White chunky sole trainers – £29.99



Black chunky sole trainers – £29.99

chunky lace up trainer


White chunky sole lace-up trainers – £45

chunky lace up trainer



White retro sneakers – £39.99

chunky lace up trainer


Wade sneaker – £79

chunky lace up trainer

Will you be tempted to get the high street knock-off or are you saving for the real thing?


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