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How to Dress for the Rain

by VanityForbes
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Dressing for the rain is challenging. You need clothes that are somewhat water-resistant, dark enough to hide the wet patches, light enough to dry fast, all while looking stylish. Just a small list.


When you live in a country that has a lot of rain, you realise the importance of increasing your wardrobes rain-proof capability, helping you navigate a rainy day.


If you are fed up with fighting a losing battle with the rain and looking like a drowned rat, then you have come to the right place. Here are my tips on how to dress for the rain. 



The dilemma with buying a good quality umbrella is dealing with the fact that it can be misplaced so easily. When you enter a restaurant or travel on public transport, you have no choice but to leave it on the floor — an easy target for a forgetful mind.

dress for the rain


For this reason, many people give it up and go for the cheap umbrella option. My advice is to invest in an umbrella that’s not too cheap and still affordable that can handle a bit of wind and rain and can automatically fold.



As I write this, I am wearing a cashmere-blend coat (not precisely an appropriate raincoat). While I have the warmth, any natural fibre will be a soaking ground for rain. 


dress for the rain


Wear a raincoat. A parka is a great choice, or even a wax jacket or a waterproof trench. Any option that is built to allow the rain to slide off without soaking into the fabric. 



Wearing dark colours will conceal the fact that you have spots of rain decorating your clothes. Colours like white, cream and bright colours will showcase every raindrop.

dress for the rain



Your bag plays a vital role when it rains, keeping your belongings dry. There is no point housing your valuables in a flimsy cotton canvas bag that will invite the rain to soak everything in your bag. 


For footwear, I draw a blank. I have been on the search to find the most appropriate rain-proof footwear.


Wellies are perfect, but they are for festivals, not the city. Walking boots are for walking. But they are trending now so maybe walking boots? But what happens when you work in the city? Patent loafers perhaps? As the leather is protected with a layer of plastic? 



The only rule I have with footwear is staying clear of leather, suede, mesh and fabric which rules out so many options. Just wear a plastic bag over your feet. 


What are some of your tips on how to dress for the rain? 

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