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The Best Men’s Knitwear Pieces You Should Own

by VanityForbes
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The falls season is the time to start curating your knitwear collection. From a chunky knit to a roll neck jumper, there are a wealth of knitwear designs to keep you warm but also fashionable during the winter season. 

If you are not sure what knitwear styles you should own? Look no further. 

Here are the best men’s knitwear pieces you should own:


The roll neck jumper is the smart and sophisticated knitwear choice. It can be easily be used as a shirt replacement, worn in a suit or worn during the evening.

To dress it down, opt for a chunky knit version and wear with denim.


The turtle neck is the sister of the roll neck and offerers you the same aesthetic without the excess neck fabric. This silhouette is perfect for guys with no neck and would struggle to wear a roll neck.

Image Source: Mango


The knitted polo is an excellent knitwear option to incorporate into your work wardrobe when you want to look smart but maintain a level of warmth. Long or short sleeve, simply tuck the polo into your tailored trousers, and you have the perfect smart-casual balance as a result.

Image Source: Zara


What I love about men’s knitwear is the number of textures and weave combinations there are. One of the most common is the cable knit with a distinct selection of large knitted textures creating the perfect chunky silhouette.

men's knitwear
Image Source: Zara


Knitwear comes in an abundance of patterns and designs from colour block to Fairisle to geometric. I often go for a geometric style for Christmas jumper day because who wants to spend money buying a new sweater every year.

men's knitwear
Image Source: Mango


Think grandad chic but through a contemporary lens. The cardigan is one of my favourite layering pieces, and I usually have my cardigan function as a layering piece during winter. I typically wear a t-shirt, layered under a cardigan with my favourite overcoat. 

men's knitwear
Image Source: Mango


The shawl cardigan is thick enough to be used as a jacket on warmer winter days. The rounded collar grants much-needed comfort around the neck area and the thickness of the cardigan can keep you warm when you only need a light jacket.

men's knitwear
Image Source: Mango


The work knitwear is your standard lightweight V or round neck knitwear that can be worn by itself or layered over a shirt. I love the round neck style because it counters to the shape of my neck.

men's knitwear
Image Source: Mango

What are some of your favourite men’s knitwear pieces to wear?

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