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The Best Autumn Winter Layering Pieces

by VanityForbes
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Autumn winter layering is an art form. Perfectly executed, grants you the flexibility to add and subtract layers depending on the climate. When layering is inherent to your everyday style, you will be prepared for every weather eventuality.

The best time to layer is during autumn-winter. You have the best outerwear silhouettes to play like the iconic overcoat. Apart from the practical benefits wearing extra layer gives you, the fall season provides some of the best options when it comes to textures, fabrics and colour.

Layering also pushes you to experiment with layers that might be sitting in your wardrobe until the weather starts to warm up. Instead you can use a lightweight spring jacket to help you traverse the winter months in style.

Here are my favourite autumn-winter layering pieces that will carry you through the cold.

How to layer your outerwear for autumn winter:

Layering with a gilet

The sleeveless puffer jacket can be layered underneath your winter coat. If you are feeling adventurous, it can also be worn over outerwear. Experiment with unexpected colour choices to add a playful feel to your autumn winter looks.

Layering with a denim jacket

A timeless outerwear piece in its own right, the distinctive denim twill offers a beautiful textures contrast. When it comes to styling try a double denim look.

Layering with a cardigan

Favoured by your grandad, the cardigan offers considerable warmth due to the many fabrications you can choose. From cashmere to merino wool. Leave your outerwear open, and your cardigan buttoned up for style points.

autumn winter layering

Layering with a padded jacket

The most practical layering jacket for the cold season. Filled with polyester or down the warmth it provides is unparalleled. The trick with a quilted jacket is to get a style that is not too bulky.

autumn winter layering


Layering with a wind-cheater

The wind-cheater doesn’t offer much warmth, but its lightweight characteristics are practical during milder weather conditions

autumn winter layering

Layering with a hoodie.

My favourite layering item. The hoodie adds streetwear sensibility to any look.

autumn winter layering

What are your favourite autumn winter layering pieces?

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