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Men’s Duffle Coat – Trending Now for Autumn Winter

by VanityForbes
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This may sound quite extreme, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone wear a duffle coat. Writing that sounds quite ludicrous, but when I think about the standard winter coats I see on the streets of London, the overcoat, pea coat and puffer jacket is always favoured. What’s with the duffle coat hate? Why do the masses ignore this outerwear icon in favour of more common styles? 

Like the pea coat and the trench, the duffle has a rich history in the military, specifically with the British Admiralty using the coat to outfit the Royal Navy. But somehow the pea coat and trench are more recognisable and referenced. This season it’s time to shrug off that neglect and prioritise the duffle coat ahead of any other jacket for autumn-winter. 

What is a duffle coat?

The duffle coat is a coat made from rigid course wool. The coat features a bucket hood, toggle closures, large patch pockets, a buttoned neck closure and shoulder patches. 

The duffle coat is not known for having a tailored fit. The silhouette leans towards to body side, and with a rigid fabric, it can sometimes be a challenging fabric to wear. 

Image Source: Mango

If you are not a fan of the traditional elements, you can find modern updates that give the toggle coat a contemporary feel. 

Image Source: Mango

You can also gravitate towards more seasonal interpretations with a change in fabric and pattern.

mens duffle coat
Image Source: Zara

Here are the best men’s duffle coats to buy on the high street.

MANGO – Long recycled wool coat – £149.99

mens duffle coat

UNIQLO – Wool blend duffle coat – £89.90

mens duffle coat

ESPIRIT – Duffle-inspired jacket with 3M™ Thinsulate™ – £139

SUPERDRY – Foundation Wool Duffle Coat – £149.99

mens duffle coat

What do you think of the men’s duffle coat winter trend?

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