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How to Style White During The Winter Season

by VanityForbes
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If you thought you could only wear white during the summer season, you better think again. What better colour to dominate your fall wardrobe than with an unexpected colour choice, adding a fresh wave of clean sophistication to your winter looks.


Earth tones and autumnal hues are perfect for this season (think camel, burnt orange and khaki). However, white is ideal to pair with these colours allowing you to create a harmonious colour story.


Here is my guide on how to style white during winter.



Trousers take up 50% of real estate in your wardrobe. Wearing white pants will create a clean colour contrast breaking up your outfit. It can also complement anything you wear on your top half. You can opt for the opposite colour like black or grey 

How to Style White


or go for a complementary colour like camel or cream to create a more harmonious blend.


How to Style White


Another way to incorporate white is by building the colour to extend to your top half to create an 80% dilated look. This might be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to wearing white. Let alone white during winter. To diffuse the clean colour, wear a dark colour coat.


How to Style White



If this looks is too and maybe too white to maintain, flip the colours and wear white just on your outerwear. Wearing a white coat stands out more when paired with darker shades. Finish the look with white sneakers to match your jacket.

How to Style White



Black is the perfect pairing to white, and something is comforting about wearing white knitwear during the peak of winter. Pair with your favourite overcoat and you have one of the best winter looks.



The final look is for the brave who are willing to risk their decaf oat latte spilling on their outfit. 

How to Style White

What are some of your favourite white winter looks?

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