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Camel Overcoat – Where to Buy the Best Styles

by VanityForbes
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The camel coat is one of the most beloved wardrobe staples for the autumn-winter period. Like a fruit fly attracted to a rotting banana, you will see every guy wearing a variation of the camel coat. For this reason, I have a love/hate relationship with this colour, but what cannot be denied is the timeless quality of the camel colour.

When it comes to buying a camel overcoat, I have three simple considerations: Fabric, price and details.

What fabric should I look for when buying an overcoat?

Quality can be measured in the fabrication of the garment. For an overcoat, I have one fabric rule. There should always be a high wool content. If you come across a style which has 100% polyester, throw it in the bin. You are buying a plastic coat that will age horribly. What you need to make sure there is a blend of wool and polyester. The more wool you have, the better quality it will be. In some cases, you might be lucky to find a cashmere blend. If you do my friend, you will have hit the jackpot.

Image Source: Mango

If you are shopping online, check the fabric and composition section. While the coat you are looking at may look outer this world, brands have excellent teams who can take a good picture and edit the hell out of it to give you the illusion that you are buying something that is of value. For the in-store shoppers, take a peek in the inside breast pocket and read through the fabric content on the label.

What is the best price to pay for an overcoat?

Set yourself an affordable budget when buying a winter coat. For me, it’s £200. You are only wearing the jacket for two seasons, spending over that amount is a bit excessive.

Image Source: Zara

What details should I consider?

Details can often be overlooked, but they are the best part of choosing a camel overcoat. The first choice you have to make is single-breasted vs double-breasted.

Going for a double-breasted silhouette will give you a sartorial edge to your look. A single-breasted silhouette is more classic and has a more relaxed fit.

Is it lined or unlined? A jacket with lining tends to be more affordable as you can hide all the stitching and unfinished work behind a polyester lining. A coat that is unlined needs every inside seam to be perfect and finished hence the price.

Here are the most affordable camel overcoats you can buy this season:

The best camel overcoats under £100


Wool-blend coat – £79

A classic single breasted camel coat made from a blend of wool and polyester. What I like about this style is the affordable price and the higher wool to polyester percentage ratio.

The best camel overcoats under £200



A straight cut single-breasted wool blend overcoat with a single back vent.

camel overcoat from zara


Long recycled wool coat – £139.99

A tailored single-breasted overcoat made from a mix of wool and polyester. The coat has notch lapels and a single back vent.

camel overcoat


REcycled wool oversized coat – £169.99

This oversized camel coat is made from recycled wool, perfect if you need a bit of greenwashing in your life.


Wool overcoat – £149.99

A double-breasted silhouette in a rich camel colour. It is made from a wool and poly mix with a higher wool ratio. The coat has a notch lapel, two flap pockets and a single back vent.


recycled wool coat – £119.95

A single breasted silhouette made from 50% Recycled Wool. The coat has a notch lapel and a single back vent.

Are you a fan of wearing a camel overcoat during the fall season?

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