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The Double-Breasted Blazer – Trending Now

by VanityForbes

There’s something powerful about a double-breasted blazer when compared to its single-breasted sibling. The cut feels more pronounced and tailored to your body, giving you the ultimate sartorial look.


Looking at my wardrobe right now, I don’t own a single-breasted jacket, and this might be the same for you. It’s time to branch out into the tailoring world and expand your blazer collection.


Here are my favourite blazers you can get your hands on this season.






Double breasted suit blazer – £89.99

Double-breasted blazer – £95.99


Stone Skinny Fit Double Breasted Suit Blazer With Peak Lapels – £90


Navy Textured Slim Fit  Blazer With Notch Lapels – £65

double-breasted blazer



Slim Fit Blue Stripe Double Breasted Suit blazer – £109

Double-Breasted Blazer


Slim Fit Grey Stretch Double Breasted Suit blazer – £99

Double-Breasted Blazer


1904 Scott Navy Double Stripe Suit Jacket – £90

double-breasted blazer


Comfy knit textured suit blazer – £79.99

Double-Breasted Blazer


Jacket Slim Fit – £59.99


What do you think of this tailoring trend?

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