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A Men’s Guide to Wearing a Suit During Summer

by VanityForbes
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My vision of hell on earth is wearing a suit during summer. I can picture it now, the sweat building up on my back, creating sweat inkblots. I dread commuting on the London Underground, knowing that my outfit is not equipped to handle such unbearable temperatures.

I am lucky to have a job where I have the freedom to wear what I like. This flexibility means I have more control over what to wear for the unpredictable British weather. Of course, having a formal dress code restricts this flexibility, but there are ways to bend the rules while still maintaining a sartorial look.

If you want to survive the heat, here are my tips on how to wear a men’s suit during summer.


Swap out your wool blend or polyester (for you cheap suit wearers) – for a linen suit. Linen offers you optimum breathability during hot weather.

suit summer
Image Source: Mango


Similar to linen, seersucker is a popular suit fabric during summer due to its thin, lightweight properties.

suit summer
Image Source: Mango


For the days when the temperature becomes unbearable, there is no practical reason to wear a blazer. So leave it at home and allow your crisp business shirt to flourish.

suit summer
Image Source: Mango


Having a shirt buttoned to the top and having a tie restricting your neck does nothing to keep yourself fresh. So instead, lose the tie, and undo a few buttons to let your chest and neck area breathe. Just make sure you don’t pass the two-button rule.

suit summer
Image Source: Mango


A common mistake is swapping a long sleeve shirt for a short sleeve one. Unfortunately, short sleeves don’t work when worn with a suit. So instead, neatly roll up your long sleeves. 

Image Source: Massimo Dutti


Cutting a few inches from the hem of your trousers allows your ankles to breathe. You can then wear invisible socks and show off your summer footwear.

Image Source: Mango


When the heat becomes unbearable, you have no choice but to commit a fashion faux pas and wear shorts. The good news is, it’s 2022 and shorts and a blazer can look fashionable.


Now that your trousers are cropped, you can show off your summer-appropriate footwear. If you can stretch the dress code, I would recommend white sneakers.

Image Source: Mango

If that is too extreme smart espadrilles also work.


One of my favourite modern tailoring looks is switching from a shirt to a t-shirt. A t-shirt adds a casual element to a suit while maintaining a formal attitude.

Image Source: Zara


Nothing says summer quite like a bold summer print. Be the person who is not afraid to add colour to his office wardrobe.

Image Source: Mango


I have always favoured the blazer over a waistcoat, but the summer season requires you to remove as much unnecessary fabric as possible. Allow your arms to be free by ditching the sleeves.

Image Source: Zara

That completes the men’s suit summer guide. So what tips do you have to make your suit summer ready?

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Ceeem 23rd June 2023 - 12:53 pm

Causal dressing is a style of dressing that aims to create a comfortable and relaxed look while still maintaining a level of style and sophistication. This type of dressing is perfect for everyday wear and can be worn in a variety of settings, from the workplace to a casual hangout with friends.


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