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4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Clothes

by VanityForbes
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If like me, your clothes barely make it past a year before they start looking like they belong in the bin, then you are in pressing need of a wardrobe intervention. Dedicating time to take care of your clothes is key to making your wardrobe last longer. A wardrobe neglected results in you having to spend money on replacing the clothes that you love.


Here are four simple ways to take care of your clothes.


Mothballs are the anti-virus to your wardrobe. Leaving your clothes unprotected results in a holy surprise when you decide to wear your favourite cashmere jumper. For an environmentally conscious approach, there are wooden alternatives that are just as effecting and better for the environment.

look after clothes


I am not sure why it took me this long to get my hands on a fabric shaver. This gadget has brought new life into my bobbled ridden clothing. From the cuff of a bomber jacket to your favourite knitwear piece, all you need is batteries and stare in wonder as your bobbles are removed with ease.

take care of your clothes


From general flecks to cat hair ridden t-shirts, a lint roller is a necessity for anyone who has a lot of dark clothing in their wardrobe. Invest in a high-quality lint roller like this style from Muji. Often mistaken for a paint roller, this lint roller has a handy upright holder. The width allows you to capture all the lint with just one roll, what more do you need?

take care clothes


I have too many clothes, the ordinary person doesn’t have the time or space to rotate their summer, winter and holiday wardrobe. But if you are like me and have an unhealthy obsession with clothes and a limited wardrobe in your rented accommodation vacuum packs are essential for wardrobe rotation.

The downside? You have to iron a load of clothes once it is time to take the clothes out of hibernation.

take care of your clothes

What are some of the ways you take care of your clothes?

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