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Men’s Style Hacks to Give Your Look a Fashion Edge

by VanityForbes
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It’s the subtle details that count, the small styling nuances that can elevate your look. Think of someone who’s fashion inspires you. When you start to dissect their outfit, you begin to realise that there are small but defined styling decisions that they have made that takes their look to the edge.

Here are my favourite men’s style hacks to give any look you wear a fashion edge.


While I am writing this, I am on the district line wearing tailored trousers with a sweater tucked in at the front. Mastering the tuck can give your look an effortless feel. Tucking your T-shirt into your jeans or trousers can clean up a look at make is more clears and formal.


Over the years, I have slowly started to pay attention to my sock game, emphasising how my socks contribute to my overall outfit. If you are new to stock styling, you can start by matching your socks to add colour in your outfit. An easy first step is matching your sock colour to your trousers or trainers.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can anchor the colour of your socks to any colour of your outfit.


Now that you have mastered wearing socks, you need to show them off. One of the easiest ways to do this is wearing cropped trousers. One option is to roll your existing trousers to the length you are most comfortable with, or you can buy them pre-cropped.


I’ve only started to wear accessories about a year ago when I first discovered the key-ring trend. From then on, I’ve never looked back. Accessories in silver and gold can enhance an already established look adding the final finesse to your outfit.

style hacks

Hardware is only just one way you can accessorise your look, and the bandana is another way to add a new element into your look.

style hacks


‘It’s not always about injecting bold colours into your look, a muted colour story filled with neutral colours and earth tones allows your style to remain classic and timeless.

style hacks

What are some of your style hacks you incorporate into your looks?

men’s style hacks

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