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Mens Mule Loafers – Where to Buy the Best Styles

by VanityForbes
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The most neglected part of the human body has to be the back of the foot. With just a glance down, you will see an un-moisturised, un-loved crusty heel that has been left to grow a protected layer of hard skin. This season, it is time to right our wrongs and start celebrating the calcaneus, and what better way to do that with the iconic mens mule loafer?

With this footwear trend, house the feet in a stylish shoe that has no back constraints exposing the heel. Until you can afford Gucci’s Princetown backless loafers, here are the best mens mule loafers on the high street:

Where to buy the best leather mens mule loafers?

Keep it simple with a leather mule loafer. Add a chain detail for an increase in elevation or go uber classic with a split strap penny loafer.

ASOS – backless mule loafer – £25

men's mule loafers

The best minimalistic mens mule loafers:

Are you wearing a slipper or a shoe? Go down the minimalist route with a plain, understated slip-on style mule.

COS – Leather slip-on shoes – £79

mens mule loafers

The best textured mens mule loafers:

Add excitement to the classic leather slingbacks with studs, embossing and fur detailing to give your feet that touch of luxury.

DUNE – Smark Mule loafer – £95

ASOS – backless mule loafer with faux fur – £32

Break the bank

Ditch the more affordable slingbacks styles and increase the price for a better-made loafer that will hopefully last longer in your wardrobe.

RUSSELL AND BROMLEY – Backless loafer – £275

where to buy the best mens slingbacks

DUKE AND DEXTER – Snoop face mule – £200

where to buy the best mens mule loafers

What do you think if the mens mule loafer trend? Do you see yourself adding this trendy shoe into your spring summer shoe collection?

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