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6 Summer Fashion Mistakes You’re Making

by VanityForbes
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I wouldn’t say I like summer, but you will never find me rushing out to greet the warm weather with open arms. Sunbathing is something that I have never enjoyed. I hate not wearing trousers all the time, and don’t get me started on my hate for sweating. Above all, apart from the panic I feel when I am sweating while wearing natural deodorant, what I dislike the most is seeing a summer fashion mistake.

It could be a result of heatstroke, but the summer season tends to make people forget how to dress. You would think there is less room to make mistakes with fewer clothes to wear.

If you are ready to correct your summer mistakes, you have come to the right place. Here are six Summer fashion mistakes you are making and tips on how to fix them.


Summer Mistakes

Who in their right mind believes it’s an excellent idea to straddle their big toe in a thong? If the name ‘flip-flop’ doesn’t repel you from wearing them, I don’t know what will.

Practically speaking, how do you run in flip-flops? What happens when someone in a high heel steps on your toe? What do you do if the strap breaks? All these questions give me sleepless nights.

Forget the impracticality of them; they are just plain gross. It’s time to go from feet lingerie to Russell Crowe in Gladiator. A leather sandal tells the world that you have considered wearing a flip-flop but realised you had eyes. There are sophisticated and chic while allowing your feet to enjoy summer’s warmth.


Summer Mistakes

Crows’ feet are real. I remember going to turkey without sunglasses, and I blame that holiday and my excessive squinting on my premature appearance of fine lines. Besides the UV stuff, not having eye protection is bad for your eye health. Do your partner a favour and wear sunglasses, so they don’t have to buy you under eye cream for your birthday.

Invest in quality sunglasses with UV protection that suits your face shape. If you want to get all fashionable, follow a seasonal trend.


Summer Mistakes

Nobody thinks about their scalp during summer. While your eyes are covered with sunglasses and your skin is slathered in suntan lotion, your brain is frying. Your head also needs protection from the sun, and that is where a hat comes in.

Summer hats can range from baseball caps to straw hats. Just make sure you match your hat to your look.


Another Summer fashion mistake is denim. You have spent all year wearing jeans, and you think summer is another chance to wear them again? Denim is not a summer fabric, unless you want your legs to be drenched in sweat? Give your jeans a break and invest in summer-appropriate trousers. Chinos, tailored trousers, joggers or linen trousers are all options you can choose.


Summer mistakes

Think again if you thought you could wear denim shorts as a jeans alternative. Nobody’s eyes deserve to be assaulted by your denim obsession. So instead, replace them with tailored shorts.


You are not in the prison yard, and there is no excuse for wearing thin strappy vests, where everyone can see your malnourished ribs. Instead, increase the width of the vest strap and reduce the armholes for an updated vest silhouette.

What are some of the summer fashion mistakes you make?

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