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5 Men’s Eyewear Trends to Follow This Fall

by VanityForbes
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It’s been a year since I began wearing fake glasses, and it’s been a challenging year. I have had to continually fend off people with bad vision, being confused as to why someone with 2020 vision would subject themselves to wear non-prescription lenses.


Well, let me tell you, I wear them because they look cool. They offer a new look that I can add to my style portfolio.


If you need new glasses or are appropriating someone with lousy eyesight, here are my favourite men’s eyewear trends this season.



The transparent trend was a popular accessory trend during the summer season. For the fall, give your eyewear a clear treatment with see-through resin. 


Hexagon sunglasses were everywhere during summer 2019, continue the popular trend with hexagon glasses.



Tortoiseshell is technically not a trend because it is an eyewear pattern that never goes out of style. 

mens eyewear trends



Sometimes we lose things, and what better way to keep your eyewear secure than with an eyewear cord

Mens Eyewear Trends


Combine the world of clear lenses and shades with clip-on eyewear for the days when you want to look chic indoors and out.

Mens Eyewear Trends


What are some of your favourite men’s eyewear trends you’ve seen?

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