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Men’s Oval Sunglasses – Trending Now

by VanityForbes
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oval sunglasses

There is something about oval sunglasses that makes you feel effortlessly cool. It must have something to do with The Matrix. I remember seeing that film for the first time and being in awe of the leather trench coats, the monochromatic black outfits and the sunglasses that were worn in almost every fighting scene.

The oval sunglasses were the standouts for me, giving each character an air of confidence and power. Both Neo and Trinity had the classic black style with Morpheus taking it even further with a rimless and armless design.

If you wore a full matrix inspired look today, you probably would be greeted with baffled stares, but if you just took the shades, you would be at the forefront of this seasons oval sunglasses trend. The circular frames are a stylish way to inject a retro feel into your look, protecting your eyes in style. The trend has two key shapes. The first, a 90’s inspired oval shape, with metal frames.

men's oval sunglasses
Image Source: Zara

The second shape is inspired by the 1960s, with a rounded acetate frame available in a variety of colour combinations. Choose a classic black lens or a bold contrast colour.

men's oval sunglasses
Image Source: Olive

If you are ready to increase the cool factor and step into this trend, here are the best men’s oval sunglasses for you to buy in 2024.

Where can I buy the best affordable acetate oval sunglasses?



CHIMI – BOW – £135

HOT FUTURES – Cosmic rebel – £95


Where can I buy the best affordable metal frame oval sunglasses?

SUN BUDDIES – Aaliyah – £135

CHIMI – OVAL – £130

MELLER – ONI – £45

Do you think you can pull off oval sunglasses?

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