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Modern Tailoring | How to Style a Contemporary Suit

by VanityForbes
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Tailoring is a man’s suit of armour and can be styled in both a traditional or contemporary way. While I love wearing a suit the conventional way, I also love experimenting with different style attitudes, colours and textures, creating a modern tailoring look. 


The problem I see is when guys are scared to break from tradition sticking to the same old styling rules. A quick scan at a wedding or an office and you will be greeted a dozen variations of a navy suit styled with brown shoes.


If you want to see tailoring through a new lens then you have come to the right place, This guide will help you shun outdated suit styling and allow you to breakthrough into the world of modern tailoring, where men are fashionable, creative and want to stand out.



Summer weddings are a great way to bend the suiting rules and breathe fresh new life into a suit. Image a crisp pastel suit paired with clean white lace-ups—a sight for sore eyes.

contemporary suit

The same also applies for a work suit.


Redefine the meaning of a three-piece suit by swapping the traditional waistcoat for a sporty alternative. The track jacket gives an unexpected pop of colour to help bring a new attitude to your tailored look.

contemporary suit


A tie is a noose. A neck shackle that is not always necessary. In a warm climate, a tie should be the last thing you should be adopting. Free your neck by undoing the first button. Transform yourself from a PC to a Mac.

contemporary suit


If you are limited to your suit options, or you are tired of wearing the same sets of suits. Mix and match blazer and trousers to create new colour/pattern combinations.

contemporary suit


Replacing a shirt with a t-shirt is one of the easiest ways to tone down the formality of a suit to give more of a casual feel.

contemporary suit


While briefcases and backpacks are slightly more practical, a bum bag looks cooler. It effortlessly contrasts the straight-laced attitude with a streetwear vibe. You are boardroom-ready.


A black-tie event will conjure up a black hole of black suits. Reinterpret the dress code with a midnight blue, white or pattern tuxedo.

Modern Tailoring


Ditch the tie in black tie and channel your inner boy scout by switching to a bandana. This a fun yet sleek way to flip the dress code on its head!

Modern Tailoring


When the temperature gets colder, your shirts should start being replaced by roll-neck jumpers. You gain warmth without losing the formal look.

Modern Tailoring


Add some comfort into your tailoring look by swapping out your tailored trousers in favour of casual joggers. Whether you go for a cotton jersey or a fitted lycra style, you are bound to make a statement with this look.

Modern Tailoring

The next time a wedding invite comes in the post, or you are planning your work wardrobe, think about ways you can give your suit a styling update. There are some instances where dress codes are strict. In those moments, try to exercise your creativity within your limits to create a modern tailoring look.


What are some of the contemporary style hacks you do to modernise your suit?


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