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The Best Mens Shirt Prints for Spring Summer

by VanityForbes
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Choosing your spring-summer shirt prints can be overwhelming due to the variety of available options. From floral to Hawaiian, I have outlined some of my favourite graphics that will get you through this season.


Discover some of my favourite mens shirt prints that will lend themselves perfectly to your spring-summer wardrobe.




The Hawaiin shirt is the forgotten sibling in the printed shirt world. But somehow they have a cult following which stems from the lack of appreciation and overtly unapologetically bold print. They get such a bad rep when compared to the other summer prints; maybe it is because the style is something your annoying uncle would wear on his holiday destination to Greece, wearing it open mind you, with his beer belly hanging out. It’s down to you to make the Hawaiian print great again.


Florals for spring. Groundbreaking. If you have to do the obvious, try experimenting with new floral designs and modern interpretations to give the floral shirt print a new lease of life.



An underrated shirt print, polka dots could be your secret weapon to stand out from the crowd of floral print shirts.



The nature category encompasses all the other print designs that you can find. Such as fruit and animals. Who doesn’t love to have a pineapple print repeated across their shirt? Exotic shirts strive best on beach holidays, where the scenery matches the nature-inspired designs.


resort shirt


If you are not a fan of nature-inspired shirt prints, stripes are your best bet. They can come in a multitude of variations, ranging from pinstripe to 90s retro. Your only choice is deciding what colour combination to choose. Go classic with navy or opt for the seasonal route. For more inspiration, check out the vertical stripes trend.





Geometric prints celebrate angular lines and shapes. Reminiscent of 60’s and 70’s interior designs, geometric patterns are perfect for a guy who wants a modern print design for his spring-summer shirt collection.

mens shirt prints


Straight from an ethnic tribe, tribal prints create a busy, attention-grabbing style. The designs are cryptic and full of psychedelic colour and patterns.

mens shirt prints


Extravagant and elaborate paisley prints fit into this category, adding a bold, dramatic story to your shirt collection.

mens shirt prints



Exotic shirt prints feature a vibrant colour palette with green being the feature tone, leaf and unusual plant life decorate this shirt print for a nature-inspired look.


mens shirt prints



Who doesn’t want to look like a walking artwork gone wrong? Celebrate the summer season with an explosion of colour with a DIY style tie-dye effect. 

mens shirt prints


What are some of your favourite mens shirt prints for spring summer?

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