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5 Jackets to Wear When It Rains

by VanityForbes
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A part of dressing well is being prepared for every weather eventuality. Living in London, you know that rain will always be constant. That’s why I am baffled when I see someone dressed like they didn’t look out their window. Granted the weather can be unpredictable, that’s why taking a glance at your weather app will save you from misfortune.


Fortune favours the prepared and one way to be prepared is to buy a jacket that can carry you through a rainy day.


Here are 5 jackets to wear when it rains:



A wax jacket provides formidable protection against the rain. The coating on the cotton creates an unbeatable weatherproof barrier. Once the properties of the wax jacket start to deteriorate, you can re-wax your coat, restoring the original weatherproof qualities. Both Barbour and Belstaff are the brands of choice, both offering a wealth of history and craftsmanship.



A trench is your ultimate raincoat. Synonymous with weather protection the trench brings sartorial sophistication to your wardrobe, perfect for work or casual outfits. Initially designed for the 1st world war to protect soldiers from the elements, the trench embodies both history and modernity.




If you want something more relaxed, try going for a single-breasted coat in a resistant fabrication. The technical fabric allows you protection against the rain. The fluidity of the material will let you fold the cat coat down creating a pack away gem.



While you may look like a toddler going on his first school trip, the parka a great option to choose. The raincoat is purposely built to protect you from the rain. Plot twist. Every part of the jacket has been designed to keep the rain at bay such as the non-removable hood and sealed seams.



Your stylish and functional jacket to protect you against the rain. Kangaroo pockets and over-the-hood entry characterise the anorak. Your perfect sport-causal weatherproof option.


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