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Where to Buy Great Quality Umbrellas

by VanityForbes

Great quality umbrellas should be a birthright to every person living in the UK. It has become such a necessity that it has awarded itself with permanent membership in my bag.


For that reason, the umbrella that I carry – nearly all year – has to be the best quality. Here are my favourite umbrellas that will help you survive the rain.


The umbrellas from M&S are affordable and excellent quality. For the past five years, I have owned two M&S umbrellas –  a credit to how long they can last.


The style that I always buy is at £19.50. For that price, you get a sturdy, automatic folding umbrella that will be your trusty companion when battling the unsavoury weather. It features Stormwear and Windtech. I have no idea what they mean, but it sounds good to me.


City Umbrella with Stormwear™ and Windtech™



Next on my list is a shop that I have admired from afar. James Smith and Sons Umbrellas. A store dedicated to selling umbrellas. If you have a chance to pop into the store, you won’t be disappointed; there are umbrellas in every style, design and quality. Prices start around the £40 mark for folding umbrellas, when you leave the store you know you are going to get the best umbrella you have ever owned.

I am obsessed with this Knirps Umbrella. “Knirps invented the folding umbrella and have been manufacturing and developing their products since 1928.” I think it’s safe to buy a folding umbrella from the brand that invented the style, don’t you?

Knirps Topmatic SL Wood Crook Umbrella



I discovered this brand on Instagram through the many algorithms that push adverts onto my feed. London Undercover – a British umbrella brand founded in 2008 – offers handcrafted umbrellas made “using age-old techniques”, with “the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship”.

Maple cane crook handle – £65



Make a fashion statement with a bold coloured umbrella from Hackett. Detailed with a contrast lining and a push release button, you are sure to stand out from the sea of black umbrellas.

Contrast lining folding umbrella – £50

great quality umbrellas



An old friend gifted a Charles Tyrwhitt brolly for my birthday about five years ago, and it is still in fantastic condition. I have no doubt the compact version is made with the same quality.

Black wind resistant compact umbrella – £24.95

great quality umbrellas




Say goodbye to spikes with this unique, innovative umbrella from Percival. With a comfortable handle, a unique shape, and reinterpretation of the classic spike design. This umbrella boasts superior materials and has been tested in extreme weather conditions.

Blunt classic umbrella – £59

Where do you usually buy your umbrellas? Do they last?

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