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The Rope Belt – Trending Now for Spring Summer

by VanityForbes
5 minutes read

Leather and woven belts are a thing of the past. Who doesn’t want their waist supported by a rope belt? I sure do. Think of this accessory as adding a touch of creativity to your wardrobe. Modern practicality. Streetwear ingenuity. What better way to spend money than buying a belt you could have made yourself out of rope from your local DIY store?

This trend focuses on style over functionality; people will look at you and think you are on to something. Or they might not. But it’s worth the risk, right?

How to style a rope belt:


Opt for a natural coloured rope to contrast against dark trousers or denim to nod to the nautical trend.

Tie the rope in the middle or off to the side for a more edgy feel.


If a rope is too extreme, try a shoelace belt. Take a trip to your local supermarket. Hunt down the shoe maintenance aisle and grab yourself the longest flat shoelace you can find. Tie the shoelace in a bow or a casual knot.

If you want to get creative, you can find laces with a print or design to contrast your look.

rope belt

Or go extra long for an extended look. Just be careful not to trap the shoelace belt in an automatic door.

rope belt


If a shoelace is too basic, try a bungee cord. For this, head to your local mountain warehouse. Tell them that you plan to scale a cliff and need something secure for your waist.

rope belt

Where to buy the best rope belts:

ORLEBAR BROWN – glenn II rope-tie belt – £51



What are your thoughts on the rope belt trend?

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