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How to Create a New Style Without Spending Money

by VanityForbes
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Keeping up with the latest trend can leave you broke as hell. The trend landscape is ever-changing. With #FOMO being a legitimate medical condition, the fear of missing out on a trend or buying new clothes is real.

While other people spend their time thinking about reducing their plastic usage, I will focus on helping you save money. The solution is simple. Make your friends believe you are on-trend, without buying anything new.

Here are my easy tips on creating a new style without spending money.


There are two types of layering that will make your outfit current and fresh. The first is layering with outerwear. This involves layering outerwear over base layers such as a denim jacket, hoodie, cardigan or gilet for a practical yet stylish approach. 

Take a hoodie as an example. You can layer it under your coat during colder months and when it gets warmer, switch the coat for a lightweight jacket.

Black overcoat worn with a Black hoodie and tailored trousers.
Image Source: Zara


The second is layering tops. Experiment with underpinnings such as shirts, sweaters and t-shirts. While you may be comfortable wearing these pieces individually, creating new combinations will bring a fresh look to your wardrobe, for example, wearing a shirt over a roll neck jumper or a t-shirt under a shirt.



Cropped trousers are a popular trend, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy pre-cropped trousers. The solution is simple, roll up the trousers you already own. Don’t be afraid to show a little ankle action. For more inspiration, check out the denim hem guide. This guide applies to any pair of trousers and will show you the many ways you can experiment with the hem of your denim.

Image Source: Zara

If you want to make a permanent change, take a trip to your local dry cleaners or your tailor. Make sure you are confident with the measurements. There will be a charge, but it will cost you less than buying a new pair.


Formal and casual. Evening and sportswear. These style attitudes don’t have to live separate lives. If you want to give your wardrobe new energy, you can mix and match multiple style attitudes together. This allows you to repurpose clothes and styling techniques, creating endless possibilities. For example, wear your work suit during the weekend by replacing your shirt and shoes with a hoodie and trainers.

new style
Image Source: Zara

Sport-casual pieces such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and tracksuits are a super popular trend and will continue to be an essential wardrobe staple. Experiment and remove the barriers you have in your wardrobe. Traditional dress codes are a thing of the past.


You will be surprised how many different ways you can style the same item of clothing. Challenge yourself to pick one piece of clothing and wear it every day for a week but in another way. Again, you will be surprised by the number of ways you can get creative with one item.

new style
Image Source: Arket

Once you have discovered the styling possibilities apply this method to your other items, you will start to develop a new appreciation for your wardrobe.

5. DIY

DIY is a great way to take matters into your own hands. Do you want a frayed raw edge on your denim? Slits on your knees? Take scissors and experiment with your existing jeans. Just make sure you don’t make a dog’s dinner out of your clothes.

new style
Image Source: Zara




Colour is a great way to bring new energy to your wardrobe. My personal favourite is going down the monochromatic route. When it’s time to add new clothes into my wardrobe, I try and match the colour to a colour story I already own.

Image Source: Mango

Once you are confident with monochromatic looks, you can add a contrasting colour. Start with small increments. Socks and hats are a great subtle way to inject colour. Then move to a jacket or top.

What are your tips for creating a new style without spending money?

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